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Low Clearance Towing in Downtown Los Angeles

We have the lowest trucks in town - we can tow from 6.1' clearances
What will you do if after waiting endlessly for a tow truck after being stuck in a low clearance garage, you find out that the towing service company sent the wrong towing truck?

Yuck! You’ll have to wait again
This situation is ugly and is faced mostly by car owners who park their cars at low clearance garages and parking lots. 
Not every Los Angeles, CA towing service company offers low clearance towing. 
Luckily for you, Downtown Towing Services don’t wish you to pass through this situation. We recognize the fact that your vehicle can require low clearance towing service due to a dead battery, mechanical damage, being hit by another car or having a flat tire.
That is why we developed our special low clearance towing service for the situation not to turn “ugly.” We don’t want you stranded in that “lonely” underground garage. Thus, we’re fast to run to your aid when you beckon on us. Our services are fast, reliable and friendly and we’ll get you back to the road in no time.

Why use our Downtown Los Angeles Low Clearance Towing Services

We are Fast: We reach your destination as soon as you contact us. We understand that most underground garages are lonely and scary, and we’ll be there to relieve you of the situation and get you on the road. Our technicians are fast and agile and fully understand the meaning of “emergency.”


We are Reliable/Available: Our low clearance towing services are available in Los Angeles 24/7 to attend to your low clearance towing needs. Our contracted drivers are highly skilled and trained for the situation. They’re the most innovative people in the business and make sure every case resolves. They are taught not to quit and believe they can manage every situation. 
All you have to do is contact us, and the situation will be taken care of professionally.


We Care for your Safety: Our companies understanding of the nature of underground garages and parking lots inspire us to stay with you until you get back to the road. Your safety is of high importance.


We Help You Save Money: If you’re not in the conviction that you need a clearance truck, give us a call. The economy is not friendly, so we help you save money by advising you whether your situation requires a low clearance truck or not, and we’ll send you the right truck for your need.
We also save you the extra money you might spend on fines if you tow with the wrong truck.


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