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How To Avoid Falling Asleep While Driving

When you have to make a long trip, usually you leave very early in the morning or drive all night to take advantage of the time and get to the destination quickly. However, driving so many hours can expose you to a risk, because falling asleep at the wheel is one of the main causes of road accidents. In fact, you do not need to drive at dawn to fall asleep while driving, a copious meal or a night of insomnia can be enough to make you feel drowsy.

Before sharing some tricks to avoid falling asleep while driving it is important to emphasize that if you are sleepy if your eyes are closing and it is more than a little fatigue, the best thing you can do is stop the car and take a little nap. It is preferable to stop fifteen minutes than to expose your life. Fighting against sleepiness is a lost battle. That said, you can put these simple tricks into practice to keep you awake while driving:

If you fall asleep around eleven o'clock at night, avoid driving at that time precisely. Your body is used to sleeping at that time, so it will be normal for you to feel sleepy. In general, you should not drive at dawn, but if it is inevitable, do it after having rested enough.

- Stay cool

The heat causes drowsiness, so turn on the air conditioner and orient the air flow to your face. You can also lower the windows of the car and let the breeze hit your face to wake you up.

- Take off your shoes

The rubbing of the pedals on your bare feet produces a different sensation, which will help you stay awake.

- Chewing gum

Or eat a sweet. Moving the jaw will help keep you awake, avoid yawning and keep you active. Prefer candy or mint gum, as they have a refreshing feeling.

- Listen to music

But not any kind of music. Avoid classical music or the slow ones you know and love. Look for energetic music that invites you to sing, that accelerates your rhythm or just seek on the radio for something you would never listen to in order to keep yourself attentive, active and awake.

- Talk

If you are traveling with somebody else, ask the other person to help you keep an interesting and active conversation. That is a reason to avoid traveling alone; a companion can be aware of your needs, help keep you active and may even take a break from driving.

- Avoid heavy meals

Eating too much before getting behind the wheel can make you feel drowsy from the process of digestion. It is better to eat light or take a nap before driving.

- Walk

If you can not stop for a nap or if you're just bored or fatigued, you can stop for a few minutes, get out of the car and walk a couple of times around it, while breathing deeply.

- Drink some coffee

A loaded coffee or a soda with caffeine can be good allies to stay alert at the wheel, but do not trust yourself too much about these drinks. If you are tired and sleepy, remember that it is best to stop and sleep.

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