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Winter Car Maintenance and Care

Winter is a time of extreme temperatures and in which the car must be prepared to withstand the onslaught of the season. For this reason, the care of the car should be extreme because in this way you prolong the useful life of your vehicle. Also, a good part of your security lies in these cares; the son doesn't be lazy and gets ready for winter.

1. Park inside the garage or in a covered place. Low temperatures can affect the body, battery, and paint, so if you can protect your car in a garage, take advantage. Consider buying a cover to cover the car in winter if you must leave it outdoors for a long time. In this way, you protect the body, paint and it is much easier to remove the snow.

2. Beware of ice on the windshield: use a special scraper to remove ice from the windshield. Avoid using strange hacks and tricks from the internet to eliminate ice quickly, like hot water, as they do not always work and several tricks can ruin the windshield. If you want to avoid this problem, simply use a parasol or tarp to cover the area and remove it before leaving. Don't forget to check the condition of the windshield wipers and change them before the season starts if they are badly damaged.

3. Avoid driving if your vision is poor. If you can not see through your windshield, you are putting yourself and all those around you at risk. Do not trust wipers, and it is preferable to clean by hand with an ice scraper. Do not forget to always have the windshield washer reservoir full, if possible with a special solution for winter weather that contains antifreeze.

4. Wash your car frequently: even if it rains, also if it does not look dirty, it is essential to wash the car because salt is used on the roads, which adheres to the paint and accelerates corrosion.

5. Pay attention to the battery: frost usually accelerates the processes of battery wear. Before the winter begins, it is worth checking its load and life levels and replace it if necessary.

6. Check the pressure of the tires: tire pressure tends to fall with the freezing temperatures, which makes you spend more fuel and reduces the life of the tires. To counteract this effect, you may have to add a little more pressure.

7. Check the lights: in winter natural light is reduced, so you'll be using the car's lights more often. Verify that they all work and that they are correctly aligned.

8. Check the braking system: this is one of those daily checks that become fundamental in winter, due to the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the road.

9. Add a couple of things to your trunk, to prepare in case of emergency. In winter it is essential to have a thermal blanket, an ice scraper for the windshield, rubber gloves to protect your hands from snow in case you have to remove it from the car, flashlight, water and some non-perishable food, such as energy bars or nuts.

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2 comentarios

Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
01 ago 2023

My car has met an accident and the windshield has been totally crashed. Do i need to check with insurance company for windshield replacement or i should go with the dealership?

Me gusta

30 ago 2022

My friend's car has been totally damaged to to flood and it's merely of no use for him. It's winter and the car was sold to the junk car company as it's totally a scrap after the flood damage.

Me gusta
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